Lit 3 door glazed sideboard in Riviera Oak/White High Gloss

Product Code: 4260465
Availability: Pre-Order
Dimensions: 1,576.00mm x 420.00mm x 891.00mm

Price: £635.00

Lit 3 door glazed sideboard (including LED lighting) in Riviera Oak/White High Gloss. 3 door geometric designed sideboard, with a smoky glazed area to show of your family treasures. Includes concealed lighting arrangement. Designers of the Lit range have put together several rectangular shapes and produced an ultra modern collection of living and dining room furniture, there is a choice of 2 colourways, one a bright mix of Riviera light oak and white high gloss fronts, and another in contrasting greys. Several of these items come complete with subtle lighting that highlights the geometric shapes. 

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